Couldn't read null from the source Json File

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Couldn't read null from the source Json File


I'm, actually reading a Json file with the following structure.In the first flow, I'm extracting the fields into a csv delimited file and then in an other flow, I'm reading the same json again and extracting the data into the same delimited file. For the rows which have null in the data couldn't be extracted and the value following the null is being appended to a different field name. As a result of this the last two fields are missing the values. Can someone suggest on how to read the null coming in the data. Kindly, let me know if you need any input and also please help.

{"fields":["NSN","wrin_prefix","wrin_suffix","raw_item_short_desc","raw_item_long_desc","prim_vendr_num","alt_vendr_num","activ_uom_case_qty","uom_cd","raw_item_unit_amt","invty_class_cd","invty_freq_cd","uom_servg_qty","sleeve_unit_qty","raw_item_stat_cd","invty_catgry_type"],"data":[[5256,1,435,"REG BUN - FRESH","REG BUN/FRESH/TOASTED FORMULA",null,null,60,"EA",0.0925,"F","M",1,30,"A","Food"],[5256,1,570,"REG BUN FRSH/NG","REG BUN/FRESH/NEXT GEN",null,null,60,"EA",0.101,"F","M",1,30,"A","Food"],[5256,1,573,"REG BUN/NG/FRZN","REG BUN/FROZEN/NEXT GEN",null,null,60,"EA",0.101,"F","W",1,30,"A","Food"]]}


Thank you


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