Could not reserve enough space for object heap exception

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Could not reserve enough space for object heap exception



I am executing a job for production environment and getting the error of object heap exception.

(This job is about reading files and dumping the data in oracle database)


The same job when executed wrt development and UAT env with no changes in job and same input files it worked fine.


I have checked the solution mentioned in one of the posts to modify the Xmx argument value while job execution.

This solution worked, however not everytime. If i run the same job again with the modified Xmx value then also i get the same object heap execution error. (this looks very wierd).


The machine has free RAM of around 4.5 GB and more than enough local space too.

* I am using Open studio V6.4


Could you please suggest me some pointers to look for the root cause of the issue.





Re: Could not reserve enough space for object heap exception


Performance issue usually cause by the DB connection or the job design, could you please upload some screenshots of your job design?

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