Cost in talend?

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Cost in talend?

In myconcern is ready to buy talend ETL Tool,
Could u plz tell me,How much cost In ETL Tool?Any Link?

What are the major difference in Talend Open Source and Paid version ETL?
I have to submit documents in differentation,help me

Re: Cost in talend?

To estimate the cost of the support on Talend Integration Suite; I advice to contact
Our cost is based on the number of users/designer using the tools in a collaborative project and also the level of support and advanced features do you need.
We have 3 different versions of Talend Integration Suite : Team, Pro, Enterprise.
To introduce very briefly differences with Talend Open Studio; Talend Integration Suite provides :
- a professional support with SLA (level gold or platinum)
- a shared and centralized repository to work together on your different projects
- a administrator center to manage : project, user role, deployment, scheduling, monitoring
- a Activity monitoring console : rich client monitoring solution
- JobLet notion : to reuse and refactor dupplicate transformation in a transformation container.
- Change Data Capture : available for several databases (Oracle, Microsoft SQLServer, DB2, Sybase, MySQL, postgresql, etc.); Publish/Subscribe mechanism to work on the delta of every execution.
- Distant run : to run on a QA or production server from the GUI Studio on the development computer; available on Professional and Enterprise edition
- Grid conductor : to distribute and dispatch Jobs execution on several machine (distribute execution); on Enterprise edition only
- CPU/Balancer (parallelize and ressources repartition) : on Enterprise edition only
- advanced features in the Talend Integration Suite studio like SAP and CopyBook(EBCDIC) metadata discovery wizard.
Further information are available on our website :
Feel free to contact our sale's service to have demonstration or a trial version at
Best regards;