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Copy tables



I am a beginner, I would like to ask Talend Open Studio for ESB can achieve multi-table transmission?

For example, a database mysql based in more than one spread to another database, as Kettle copy tables function,



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Re: Copy tables

With Talend Open Studio for ESB, you need to create different subjob to map each tables, as the tables have different structure.

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Re: Copy tables

Think you for your reply.

I think what I want to express the meaning did not express clearly.

If the two databases corresponding to the structure of the same table, how to import?

For example,suppose the source database has 100 tables, and they are the same structure, exported to the destination database.

Can I call this process to automatically create a model batch import?

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Re: Copy tables

Hello sdwsy,

Can you please give more details on your requirement? How you will have 100 tables with same structure?

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Re: Copy tables

thank you for your reply.
Here are two tables, their column attributes the same, such as table named table1 and table2,and they have the columns as id,name,address,but values are different.
I want to put these two tables from mysql to oracle.
I want to find a function similar to Kettle copy tables inside Talend because it's so convenient.


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