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Converting XML files to EDIFACT files

I have two main questions regarding the conversion of XML to EDIFACT:
1. Is there such implementation that i can use as an example? What is the recommended method for doing so?
2. I read somewhere that i need to use a data mapper object (thmap component) to map from XML to EDIFACT. How do i find that thmap? i couldn't find it anywhere..


Re: Converting XML files to EDIFACT files

Hi Roys,
For complex Mapping, complex/hierarchical files surch as XML, JSON, EDIFACT, Mainframe COPYBOOK file format; Talend provide a dedicated Mapping solution named Talend Data Mapper which comes with a tHMap component.
This module is only available in our Commercial Offering : Talend Platform.
Please contact our sales department close to your office location.
Let me know where you're based and I could introduce you to the right people in the US, or EMEA or the rest of the world.
Best regards
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Re: Converting XML files to EDIFACT files

Thanks canotione,
I downloaded the commercial version (6.2.1) for free trial and i don't see the tHmap.
The HELP says: This component will be available in the Palette of Talend Studio on the condition that you have subscribed to one of the Talend Platform products
Is there anything else i need to download? How do i find that component?