Converting Json to ttl or nt format.

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Converting Json to ttl or nt format.

Hi Team,


I want to convert the Json data which is coming from an API. So data is in Json format & i wanted to convert to .ttl or .nt format.

And i will be using the data for knowledge graph.. Please let me know how do i convert the json data to .ttl or .nt format.


Please respond asap.


sample data : 

"source": "AzureBlob",
"owner": "",
"object": "",
"fieldName": "",
"attribute_name": "",
"attributeRecordsCount": 5,
"avgRisk": 100,
"type": "azure-blob",
"location": "Netherlands",
"last_scan_at": "2018-03-04T17:25:40.549Z"

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Re: Converting Json to ttl or nt format.


So far, there is no a specific component for converting data to turtle statements.

Here exists some custom components on talend exchange portal.

Best regards


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