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Convert timezones, not depending on local machine timezone

I have two databases.
One has plain date/time fields, without timezone specifications. But I do know it's the Dutch timezone.
(Summer = GMT +02:00, Winter = GMT +01:00)
Dutch time table            ->      UTC table
23-10-2015 16:00          ->      23-10-2015 14:00
26-10-2015 16:00          ->      23-10-2015 15:00
How can I convert date/time between these tables?
I have tried the solution in This topic but that's based on de timezone of the machine. So if I convert the data, when the timezone of the machine is in daylightsaving, the first record is converted in the correct way, but the second isn't. And in wintertime, the second record is converted the right way, but the first isn't.
What's the solution for this??

Re: Convert timezones, not depending on local machine timezone

Could you please take a look at a related forum: to see if the solution is working for your use case?
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