Convert from Standard jobs to Big data jobs

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Convert from Standard jobs to Big data jobs

Is there any way to convert from Standard job to Big Data Batch jobs. I tried to move a Standard  job into Big Data Batch folder, but since few components were not available the job didnt get imported successfully.


Components not available in Big Data batch framework: tHDFS configuration, tHive Connection, tHive Input/Output. 


Pl let me know if there is a way to use the same components & convert into Big Data batch job?


Re: Convert from Standard jobs to Big data jobs


You are able to create a Job by converting it from a different framework, such as from Standard to MapReduce or from MapReduce to Spark. This is an advisable option if the components used in a source Job are also available to the target Job.

Please have a look at this online user guide:TalendHelpCenter:Converting Jobs

Here exists a jira issue:

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