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Control execution of tLogrow based on context variable

Is there a way to control the execution of tLogrow based on context variables. I have a few tLogrow's in my job to print some input data to diagnose the cause of errors if any. However, including the tLogrow in the code generates a lot of output.
I want to execute the tLogrow for development environment but I want to disable it for test and production environments without changing the codes.
Is there a way I can setup the tLogrow based on the context variable so that I can specify the context variable value using the command line in dev, test and prod environments and control if the tLogrow output is generated or not.
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Re: Control execution of tLogrow based on context variable

The only way is to include a tFilterRow before the tLogRow that has a condition based on a context variable. If your tLogRow is in the middle of your flow, then you will have to redesign it slightly to have a tReplicate where the tLogRow now is with a second branch (the first being your normal flow) just to the tFilterRow and tLogRow.
I've actually thought for a while that conditional execution of components based on context variables would be a very useful feature. You can vote for my Jira TDI-13557 Smiley Happy.