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Control-M Issue

First posting. Be nice...
I'm receiving errors when attempting to run an exported job utilizing BMC's Control-M.
TOS Version 2.3.3
Simple ETL to copy table contents from one Orcale DB to another.
Exported Job Scripts (POJO) to create bat file and supporting folder structure. Moved Folder contents to Control-M Server. Fought thrugh some java versioning issues on server. Then ran into issues with the relative file paths in the bat file. Solved that issue by creating a cmd file in the Control-M repository that points to the bat file generated by TOS. (found that in another thread) That resolution worked for running it from the 'command line' on the server. (Note: same server Control-M and repository reside in).
So at this point I can run the bat file directly, or indirectly from another cmd file, from the 'command line' on my server. I can also run it using Solways task manager. Our sites standard is however Control-M which generates the error below.
I'm assuming it's a Control-M configuration issue such as missing some command line arguments. Hoping someone has utilized Control-M to schedule TOS jobs.
Bat File Contents
java -Xms256M -Xmx1024M -cp ../lib/ojdbc14.jar;../lib/systemRoutines.jar;../lib/userRoutines.jar;.;ps_dept_tbl.jar;../lib; hyperion.ps_dept_tbl.PS_DEPT_TBL --context=Default
java -Xms256M -Xmx1024M -cp ../lib/ojdbc14.jar;../lib/systemRoutines.jar;../lib\
/userRoutines.jar;.;ps_dept_tbl.jar;../lib; hyperion.ps_dept_tbl.PS_DEPT_TBL --\
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: hyperion/ps_dept_tbl/PS_DEPT_TBL
Exception in thread "main"

Re: Control-M Issue

Many people use Control-M with Talend and we don't have any special report.
Actually your error i a common Java error.
It simply means that you're not running your job from the good path
You can try something like
cd myjobdirectory && ./run.bat
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Re: Control-M Issue

You were correct, it was a path issue. We had tried the cd myjobdirectory && ./run.bat method but it didn't work in our environment. Went back to the original bat file and replaced the relative file paths with fully delcared ones and we got past the NoClassDefFoundError. Had tried that before but still had the issue. I'm assuming the path just got fat fingured. Now it appears we have a JVM versioning issue on the Control-M server, but that can be addressed.
Thx for the help!