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Context setting in tRunJob



I have a doubt in running the tRunJob component as below

Contexts -> testcontext (list of Context are Default,X,Y,Z)


In the settings of tRunJob component , i have set Context as say X


while in the child job i have set the Default context environment as Default


Now when the tRunJob is executed, will the Default context envrionment value i.e Default be overloaded by the value X ? and will the child pick all the values from context X which are not sent  from Context Param of the Parent job.




Re: Context setting in tRunJob

The child job will run with its default context, not from X.    You should check the checkbox "Transmit the whole context" or specify the context variables.

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Re: Context setting in tRunJob

agreed that the context varibles passed values will be considered from parent job but the ones which are not explicitly passed from parent job would be considered from X right.
I have validated it and observed this behaviour.
The context value passed from parent would be overload the default context defined in child job