Context parameters in thive_connection

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Context parameters in thive_connection

I have a use case to enable or disable SSL encryption in the thiveconnection component and use this single connection for propagate components. I have below choice to achieve this.
1. Create two different thive_connection , one with SSL enabled and the other with SSL disabled.
2. Connect each thiveconnection for a flow by replicating the same components. ( Not recommended)
Questions :
Can we use thiverow component to use a connection based on a context, currently if we choose existing connections in the thiverow, it'll allow us to choose anyone of the tHive_connection via drop down, not by the contexts
Or if there is a way to use enable or disable the SSL in the thive_connection itself based on context, it would be very easy to take the connection further.
Please advise.

Re: Context parameters in thive_connection

Here is a TalendHelpCenter:tContextLoad which can be used to load a context from a flow.
Please see the related scenario in component reference and the document about:TalendHelpCenter:Using contexts and variables
Is it what you are looking for?
Best regards
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Re: Context parameters in thive_connection

Hi Jayakumarn123
Using context parameter in hive connection is possible in Talend 6.x onwards only.
Try these steps:
1. Get ver 6.x if you are still having older version
2. Create a context group with all required parameters like (server, login user, pwd, keytab, principal, hive properties etc)
3. Create a hive connections under metadata - export context - choose reuse from repository - select the context that is created in step 2.
4. Map all the fields along with advanced properties like queue etc and save.
5. For some limitation you cannot reuse one hive to all components like thiverow and thiveinput. You must have a connection component and a hive operation (row or input) in your job design. We have already submitted support ticket talend to reuse connection.
6. During the run time you may choose to prompt for the context value or automate to read from file system.
Hope it helps.


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