Context Menus Empty

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Context Menus Empty

I am trying to properly comment my custom routine so the context popups contain information about the function/class. What I did notice is it looks like Talend doesn't even have their own functions relating this information. I have both the Talend doctypes ie {param} and the javadoc types completely filled out and cannot influence the output of the context popups on code completion.


How can I properly document my routines so when people pull them up on code prediction inside of Talend components?


I have attached an example of what I'm talking about.

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Re: Context Menus Empty

What version are you using? I have looked in v6.2 at the method you give an example and I can see information about usage. Granted, it's not great (I wish they had stuck with standard Javadoc notation), but it works. This could be a bug if you are using v7. I can't test in v7 yet.

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Re: Context Menus Empty

I am using version 6.4.2

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