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Content not allowed in prolog

while i am trying to create a connection for XML file by using
metadata while importing the file i am getting the error called
content not allowed in prolog can any one plz help me in this
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Re: Content not allowed in prolog

Hello Siddeshwar
Normally, this error message indicates that there is some non-xml
present before the xml starts.
See article.
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Re: Content not allowed in prolog

i have the same issue after changed from TOS32RC1 to TOS411.
All Jobs that reads a XML file - same problem.
All Jobs works without problems on TOS32RC1.
This is the header of one XML:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<!-- EXPORT 29/11/10 -->

Everything fine or is it a bad formed xml?
Is this a known bug?
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Re: Content not allowed in prolog

Hello Sebastian1234,
i answer myself:
The new Version 4.1.1 do not handle a xml File in UTF-8 WITH BOM.
You must convert in a xml File UTF8 WITHOUT BOM.
This ist very easy with advanced editors like notpad++...
I do not know why the TOS32RC1 handle a both encodings...