Connexion to oracle 12

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Connexion to oracle 12



I want to "migrate" my Oracle database to MongoDB. I am trying to make a Oracle connection using the option in metadatas.

But when I check the connection configuration, I get this error: "The network adapter could not establish the connection"

Screenshot here:


I am sure password is good, I can connect with it using SQL plus and SqlDeveloper.


I just don't know how to solve it, nothing on Internet was helpfull (and we are two working on it...)


By the way, I am on a virtual machien (windows 7) with oracle on this machine.

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Re: Connexion to oracle 12

Did you try to change the username "sys as sysdba" to a simple one such as "scott"?

Also, are you sure about the port number and the SID?


Re: Connexion to oracle 12


Have you tried with 'SID' and 'Service name' connection method? Are you sure that your Oracle machine allow remote connection ? multiple simultaneous connections ?

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