Connection with SAP and customized RFC functions isn't working

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Connection with SAP and customized RFC functions isn't working

Hey all,
I have a problem with my TOS 5.0.2 when I'm using the tPLSAPSimpleInput connector.
I'm working on a Windows Server 2008R2 64 Bit and the 64Bit TOS version.
The aim is to extract some data from SAP and load them into a MSSQL2008R2 database.
I tried the connection with a SAP standard table and it worked fine for the RFC_READ_TABLE connector.
Now I'm having a customized table which is bigger than the RFC_READ_TABLE where only 512 charakters are possible. I changed the settings to the Z_PLSAP_RFC and I got the follow exception.
The problem in this case is that the connection to SAP is successful but the extracting of the larger table creating an exception. Do you know a solution?
In the first picture is the SAP Output Directory and the PLSAP Input Directory?! What is this about?
I would really appreciate if you can find a solution for this issue.
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Re: Connection with SAP and customized RFC functions isn't working

Since you have selected 'Use an existing connection', the drop-down list of 'Connection configuration' should not be empty.
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Re: Connection with SAP and customized RFC functions isn't working

Hello Pedro,
thx for your answer. You're right but that didn't solve my issue. I changed the connection configuration but now I got a new error.
Exception in component tPLSAPSimpleInput_1
java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Z_PLSAP_RFC not found in SAP.
I don't know exactly why this error is occuring. I searched in Google as well but there are no entries.
If you have a solution, please let me know.
Thank you very much.
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Re: Connection with SAP and customized RFC functions isn't working

The tPLSAPSimpleInput component is a custom component from Exchange which is not supported by Talend Officially.
I read the code and paste it here. function_tPLSAPSimpleInput_1 = dest_tPLSAPSimpleInput_1
if (function_tPLSAPSimpleInput_1 == null)
throw new RuntimeException(
"Z_PLSAP_RFC not found in SAP.");

I think this snippet of Java code shows clearly.
If the return of getFunction() is null, you will get 'Z_PLSAP_RFC not found in SAP' error.
So please check SAP configuration and find this function.
Or contact with the author of this custom component. It might be a bug.
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Re: Connection with SAP and customized RFC functions isn't working

Hi Pedro,
thanks for your reply.
I switched the connector from the additional PLSAP_Connector to the standard tSAPInput but with that component I cannot extract the data from SAP to my MS SQL2008R2 database as well. I tried to extract the SAP data but I will receive only a long string called "WA". I would like to have the values separately in the database like MANDT, PERNR, PERID and so on.
Initialize input parameters are:
ParameterValue: "ZMTU00_HCM_IDM_2"
Typ: input_single
TableName(StructureName): Empty
ParameterName: "QUERY_TABLE"
Schema: SAPIDMUser_Output
Type(for iterate): Output_single
TableName(StructureName): "DATA"
Mapping: "MANDT","PERNR" ......
I got the following error messages:
Exception in component tSAPInput_1
at testumgebung_bicube.testsap_0_1.TestSAP.tSAPInput_1Process(
at testumgebung_bicube.testsap_0_1.TestSAP.tSAPConnection_1Process(
at testumgebung_bicube.testsap_0_1.TestSAP.runJobInTOS(
at testumgebung_bicube.testsap_0_1.TestSAP.main(
If I'm searching in the code line 1100 I can see that the problem caused by the output mapping.
SAPIDMUser_Output.MANDT = ParserUtils
I hope someone can help me, maybe it's only a small mistake on my settings.
Thank you!
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Re: Connection with SAP and customized RFC functions isn't working

the Z_PLSAP functions comes with the enterprise version of this extension, if you're interested check out the offical webpage for it:
The enterprise version comes with an ABAP script which allows you to extract data into text files, which are handled by the talend connector.
Here's the flow
Talend -> RFC to the ABAP -> extract data into TXT -> transfer TXT to talend (SMB/FTP) -> read txt -> results to component_output
The component,1,1
supports the "RFC_READ_TABLE" which is available in all SAP system by default, however SAP doesn't supports it, obviously they want you to use Business Objects Data Services or Business Warehouse.
If you're on a hosted SAP you probably don't want to invest too much money in it. Thats why we came up with plsap.
So if you want to do PoC or query a subset of the data (512char per line total, and speed limitations) then choose RFC_READ_TABLE from the dropdown list.


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