Connection latest Oracle version and Z/OS

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Connection latest Oracle version and Z/OS


did anyone ever use Oracle 12cR2 or 18c as a data source or target ?
(documentation only specify max compatibility with Oracle 12cR1)
did anyone ever use an Oracle connection on Linux iaas vm under Z/OS ?
did anyone ever install Talend on Linux iaas vm under Z/OS ?
thanx for response

Re: Connection latest Oracle version and Z/OS



    I did not get a chance to try it till now since I do not have all required environments. But you can try it yourself to see whether its working.


    Why don't you download the Studio which is part of 30 day trail of Talend Cloud? The link to register is as below.


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Nikhil Thampi

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Re: Connection latest Oracle version and Z/OS

thank for your answer


to get a studio is not the problem and try to connect an Oracle 12cR2 too, i just search for this point REX because i haven't got time to test all possibility. I'm sure the next Talend version will support this version but if i define an architecture now i can't start with the latest Oracle version.


For Z/OS, i haven't got a mainframe and it will be difficult to test directly in a customer environnement. I search REX to know if it is possible to install and run Talend on a Linux iass vm under Z/OS. For example the OS recommended Ubuntu 16.04 LTS can be install on Zsystems so naively I tell myself that talend could work




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