Connecting two component in one Job

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Connecting two component in one Job

Hi Folks!!

I am newbie to the Talend and just started with a Data Integration tool.

I just exploring and got stuck at one point in context to connect two component which are doing different work but they are interdependent.



- I have used component (say Com1) tMSSQL_1

                     - This calls a stored procedure and loading data into one SQL table <Table1>

- Second component (say Com2) used id loading data from above table <Table1> and inserting into other SQL table <Table2>)

- Now i have Com1 and Com2, and pre-requisite for Com2 is to execute Com1, but i am not able to provide this sequenece or not able to connect these two component sequentially in order Com1 ->Com2


Screenshot attached



Amit Srivastava


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Re: Connecting two component in one Job


Based on your example, tMSSqlInput is a starting component (green icone) so you cannot connect it using an input flow (the component doesn't accept input flow data).

So, you need to connect it with the tMSSqlSP component using an event trigger such as OnSubjobOk.


This means, execute the tMSSqlSP.

When it is finished, execute tMSSqlInput and push the resulting data flow to tMSSqlOutput.

Hope this helps.