Connecting to NetSuite Sandbox environment

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Connecting to NetSuite Sandbox environment

I am using Talend Open Studio 6.0.  I have been trying to use the NetSuite Input Connector to connect to our sandbox environment.  I exposed the WSDL Endpoint parameter so I am able to change it from the default value of:
However, when I try to run the job (which simply outputs the Customer table to a tLogRow component), it is still connecting to production.  I know this because I have different passwords between Sandbox and Production.  If I provide my Sandbox password with the sandbox endpoint, I get an invalid credentials error.  When I keep the endpoint pointed to the sandbox but use my production password, I get a successful connection.  However, based on the row count of the data returned, I know it is really connecting to production.
Has anyone else encountered this issue?  Any advice?  I have looked at the custom NetSuite components in the marketplace but they are based on really old NetSuite schemas from 2009 and 2010.  I can't get those to even connect to our prod environment because of those errors.

Re: Connecting to NetSuite Sandbox environment

Hi kbeach,

Could you please show us the component setting screenshot of tNetSuiteInput when you are trying to connect to your sandbox environment? Is your sandbox environment working well?

Best regards
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