Connecting to Fishbowl Inventory

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Connecting to Fishbowl Inventory

A popular application has an API,   but it's not clear how it could work with Talend. They supply some sample code that shows it is a raw socket that basically starts with a Big Endian 32 bit number which denotes the length , then has a stream of XML that size.  I looked thorough components and for example jobs and found nothing that looked applicable. Suggestions?





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Re: Connecting to Fishbowl Inventory

Hi Panometric,


In Talend we have tRestClient , tRest and tSOAP component in order to consume data through API's.

Could you please let us know they are using REST or SOAP API.



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Re: Connecting to Fishbowl Inventory



It is neither SOAP or REST, just a raw socket with XML prefixed by lengths. Authentication is done through XML. I know Talend can work with the XML OK, it's the raw socket I could not find a component for. I'm hoping not to have to write my own. Aren't there any components that already work like this?



Re: Connecting to Fishbowl Inventory


If you want to build a service, you should use tRESTRequest and tRESTResonse.

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