Connecting to DB2 on an AS400?? Help!

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Connecting to DB2 on an AS400?? Help!

I've been using MySQL very successfully for a while now but we've got DB2 on an AS400 mainframe that
I'd like to start pulling data from. In our current dev environment all the programmers have to have DB2 Connect
installed on their pc. I've never used it before but I think the issue is you have to log in to the AS400 first then
log into DB2. How do I set that up to create a connection in Talend so I can get to these tables?
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Re: Connecting to DB2 on an AS400?? Help!

Ok, now someone out there has to be running a mainframe. Smiley Happy
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Re: Connecting to DB2 on an AS400?? Help!

You just need as400 components provided out of the box by Talend to access DB2/400 on a midrange (as400 isn't a mainframe) iseries.
You need a user on the as400 system and then just connect natively via Talend components (no need of db2 connect); the drivers that talend uses are created by IBM anyway.
WRKUSRPRF to create profiles.
STRSQL to do some sql commands.


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