Connecting to Autotask possible?

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Connecting to Autotask possible?

Hi all!
Can anyone explain to me how to connect to Autotask or isn't this possible at all?
I can't find anything about this, but I got into Talend Open Studio because somebody somewhere pointed out TOS to do this.
Now I'm doing some stuff with Excel-sheets/csv-files which is great (has nothing to do with Autotask), but the reason why I got to TOS was to have a tool to sync accounts/contacts between Autotask and Salesforce.

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Re: Connecting to Autotask possible?

What the hell is Autotask? No there are no components to connect to ?? and to gatherer data from it.
If you want an useful answer please invest your own time to find out in which way Autotask provides its data or expect to get data. There are plenty of ways like web services or file transfers or what ever. If you have the answer to these question, come back and ask us how to communicate with.
Sorry for being a bit rude but this forum is not the place where your job will be done for nothing by others.
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Re: Connecting to Autotask possible?

If you knew what Autotask was, you would understand the question.
Autotask is one of the biggest ticketing systems for MSPs, but, let's put it nicely, very protective of their (our!!) data.

Anyone else?

Re: Connecting to Autotask possible?

There is no such specific components in talend for biggest ticketing systems for MSPs.
So far, we have provided some internet components to retrieve data from internet, such as, twebservice, tfilefetch, thttprequest.
Internet components.
Best regards
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