Connecting Talend to Hive

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Connecting Talend to Hive

Hello all,
I am currently working on a project in which I need to connect Talend open Studio for Big Data (v 6.3.1) to an Azure’s HDInsight (3.5) Hadoop Cluster. So far, we are trying a simple example which consists in creating an Hive Table. For that, we are using the following diagram:

The hive connection was configured as followed:

… and please find below the specifications of the tHiveCreateTable_1 node:

By running this process:

The specified container and deployment Blob is created (see image below) - which make me believe that everything is ok with the Windows Storage Configuration

However the tHiveCreateTable_1 node has an error (see image below) 

I strongly believe that it´s something related with the Hostname and Port;
I tried to use the host name of the cluster and the hostname of the Hive server that we can find in Ambari (see image below)

But none of them worked as expected.

Can you please advise on this?
Note: It seems reasonably important to say that the Azure version supported by Talend is 3.4, however, we are using 3.5.
Many thanks for your support.

Re: Connecting Talend to Hive

We can't see the screenshot on our side. Could you attach it on the forum, please? That would be great.
Best regards
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