Connecting Talend Studio to SAP R/3

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Connecting Talend Studio to SAP R/3

Hi everyone,


So I put you in situation: We have SAP R/3 connected to SAP BW. Our idea is to 'shut down' SAP BW and to connect Talend directly to SAP R/3.

I'm creating a SAP connection in Talend Studio, I see tables and fields but we are guessing that the SAP user we are using has not enough Permissions to acces to the data.
That's the reason why we are wondering what wothe exact User Permissions that the SAP User has to have.
To put an example: I create a SAP connection succesfully. I go to Retrieve a Table function. I look for VBRK table. I'm able to see all the fields from that table but when I click on 'Refresh Preview', no value is displayed from that table.
Are we doing something wrong??
Thank you very much in advance.




Re: Connecting Talend Studio to SAP R/3


Is there any permission issue printed on console when you use sap component in talend?

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