Connecting Talend-ETL with external OpenRules (or another BRMS)?

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Connecting Talend-ETL with external OpenRules (or another BRMS)?

Hi all,
I would like to enhance the Data Quality Components with an external BRMS (Business Rule Management System). I have read about an OpenSource solution called OpenRules that could be a good option (jRules from IBM-ILOG is another alternative).
This is an example scenario:
I have a file with a list of loan requests from my customers (customer identifier, money requested, etc.)
1st) I want to use Talend to enrich this basic information per request with archived information from these customers.
2nd) I would like to send this enriched profile per customer to an external system (BRMS) for it to recommend the final decision (acept the customer request or not) based on business rules.
3rd) Finally, Talend shoud load this decision into an output file to be sent to the commercial team for them to review and manage.
The BRMS (in this case, OpenRules) should take the input information parameters (requested money, customer profile, etc.) and apply some business rules defined by an expert in a tipicall Policy Decision Point approach.
Do you have any experience with that. In the end a new component is requested to invoke a external Java method sending the parameters to the BRMS and waiting the recommendation. So, any other java component following this approach could be used.
Thanks in advanced and best regards, Jose
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Re: Connecting Talend-ETL with external OpenRules (or another BRMS)?

Hello Jose
So far, there is not a component can be used to connecte BRMS (Business Rule Management System). Smiley Sad
Best regards
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Re: Connecting Talend-ETL with external OpenRules (or another BRMS)?

i had the same question =(

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