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Connect Talend to SAP ERP


My company is using SAP ERP ( financial, supply chain, etc ... ) with custom reports and my team would like to retrieve those informations with Talend : so first is it possible ? ( i think so because there is differents SAP components inside Talend : tSAPBWinput, tSAPcommit, tSAPConnection, tSAPIDocInput, tSAPIDdocOutput, TsapInput, tSAPOutput, tSAPRollback )

So here is my questions : which component should i use to retrieve SAP ERP Data ( MB51, MB52 for exemple ) ?

I'm working in a different department than the SAP team, so which information shall i ask to connect? sap connection name ? system number ?
Shall a new user be created and given specific rights ?

Or should i use another method and connect directly to the Oracle ERP database and retrieve directly data from there ? Shall i give special autorizations to my user to do so ?

Thanks a lot if anyone can help
( we are using Talend professional edition 4.2 )
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Re: Connect Talend to SAP ERP

Too much question.
So, to connect to SAP ERP Data the most convenient component is tSapInput.
Sap department have to give you Sap credential (host, client, sytem number, user, pass, etc...) and also the function (bapi) to use. It is something you should do together.
It is not recomendable, from sap, to connect directly to the db, but it is possible.
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Re: Connect Talend to SAP ERP

Sorry for the big input.
I tryed tSapInput but can't managed to gather my report
Sap dep provided the credentials but can't figure out which BAPI to use.
From SAP system i want to get the table MB51 which is a report.
My Sap department can't provide me a bapi for that purpose, do you have any example ?
What is the best practice to retrieve a table from SAP ERP ? Export the report on flat file ?
Thanks for your help