Confusion regarding tMemorizeRows

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Confusion regarding tMemorizeRows

I have a following situation where my input is like:
|name | sal |
|aa | 1111 |
|bb |2222 |
|cc |3333 |
|dd | 4444 |
Now ,I want to obtain the difference between two consecutive "sal" using tMemorizeRow component, and for the same I have ticked in the "sal" checkbox of memorize column in tMemorizeRow component and number of rows to be memorized =2.

For the same I have written the following code in tJavaFlex:
row6.sal =(sal_tMemorizeRows_1== null || sal_tMemorizeRows_1 == null ) ? 0 :sal_tMemorizeRows_1 - sal_tMemorizeRows_1 ;
But the output obtained is :
|name | sal |
|aa | 0 |
|bb |-1111 |
|cc |-1111 |
|dd |-1111 |
Now when I interchange sal_tMemorizeRows_1 and sal_tMemorizeRows_1 ,the output obtained is :
|name | sal |
|aa | 0 |
|bb |1111 |
|cc |1111 |
|dd |1111 |
My doubt is whether _tMemorizeRows_1 points to the "preceding" row or to the "succeding" row.??
Please do revert back if you have any idea about it.

Re: Confusion regarding tMemorizeRows

For tMemorizeRow
means to refer to the current row.
means to refer to the previous 1 row.
Best regard
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