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Configuring data connection between Open Studio and Google BigQuery

I have read the guides, from Talend and Google BigQuery, but I can't seem to get the configuration working.
In Open Studio tBigQueryOutput Basic Setting tab, there are the following fields:
    Client Id:
    Client Secret:
    Project Id:
    Authorization Code:
Google storage configuration
    Access Key:
    Secret Key:
In the access information from BigQuery, I have the following (for the service account):
I have tried various combinations, but nothing seems to connect correctly.
Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Google storage configuration


Re: Configuring data connection between Open Studio and Google BigQuery

Could you please indicate what's the error message you are getting? Are you using component TalendHelpCenter:tBigQueryInput?
More information will be preferred.
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Re: Configuring data connection between Open Studio and Google BigQuery

For Google Storage you need to generate the Client Id and Client Secret and put these into your project (probably via a context)
For Google BigQuery you need to generate OAuth 2.0 Client credentials from the API manager in the Google Cloud Console. This will give you an Access key and Access secret. You then put these into your project. You need to leave the Authorization Code field blank and execute the job - when it runs it will stop and display a URL that you need to cut and paste into a browser. Google will ask you to authorize access against an existing google account and once you do will give you a rather spartan page with a textbox on it that has the authorization code. You can then put this into your project too, after which it will run without asking again unless something happens to invalidate the authorization.