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Configure talend esb with different spring version

I would like to use a different spring version than the one bundled in TOS-ESB (currently i'm using version 6.0.0 with camel 2.15.2).
From camel docs  the spring version 4.x is supported starting with camel release 2.14.0 (see ).
When i'm trying to add spring 4.x (4.1.6) i noticed that also the bundled spring version 3.2.11 libraries are added to the project and are conflicting with my custom added spring version.
How would be possible to configure a talend ESB installation with new camel libraries bundled with a newer spring version (spring 4.x)
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Re: Configure talend esb with different spring version

I am facing the same issue. Please let me know if you find any solution.
Looking forward for your/any feedback on this high importance issue from my side, it would definitely be of great help.
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Re: Configure talend esb with different spring version

From the apache-camel-2.15.2-features.xml definition, the spring version range [3.2,4) is required, that means by default if you install camel features into the talend Runtime (karaf) container, only the spring 3.2.x bundles will be installed.
(this apache-camel-2.15.2-features.xml can be found in container/system/org/apache/camel/karaf/apache-camel/2.15.2)
The spring 3.2.11 works well in the container together with karaf, cxf, and camel, we didn't try to integrate/test spring 4.x in the container.
If you want, maybe make changes to the spring version range in the apache-camel-2.15.2-features.xml, or try to preinstall the spring 4.x in the container/etc/org.apache.karaf.features.cfg, e.g. add spring/4.1.6.RELEASE_1,  spring-jdbc/4.1.6.RELEASE_1, etc.