Configure tJMSInput Component for IBM MQ

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Configure tJMSInput Component for IBM MQ

We are using Talend 6.3.1 Data Integration platform. We are trying to configure tJMSInput component to connect to IBM MQ. tJMSInput component has feature to limit number of messages to be read from queue which is missing tMOMInput component. We are using tJMSInput component to connect to JMS queues, by loading some extra jars and specific values of context properties. Does anybody know corressponding values for IBM MQ. Parameters we are looking for are, * Module to be selected * Context provider * Connection Factory JNDI Name * Any advances parameters for SSL connections

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Re: Configure tJMSInput Component for IBM MQ

Hi Please find the Basic settings that are required.

1.Module List: jms.jar

2.context provider:com.sun.jndi.fscontext.RefFSContestFactory

3.ServerURL: Location where the binding files are located---file:///tmp/ibm/mq-bindings 



and also you should provide the below jars as tlibrary load to establish the connection(these jars are available in the IBM website)



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Re: Configure tJMSInput Component for IBM MQ

Thanks. Can you please help me where to put more parameters like QueueManager and Channel for MQ. If possible can you please send me snapshot of tJMSinput component configured for Websphere MQ?

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