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Configure Netty4 as tcp client

Hi guys,
How can I configure camel/netty4 as a tcp client that can send requests to remote server and accept responses from the server?
Camel documentation says I set the producer mode on using this syntax:
<to uri="netty4:tcp://" /> 

I created a route and added cMessagingEndpoint component with Netty4 as the camel endpoint. I don't see how to set the producer mode as per syntax above considering I'm only given a textbox to enter the URI, and nowhere to enter the to/from.
I could be using the wrong component though. Is there a better/alternative component that can act as a TCP client with request-response capabilities?
From the searches I've done and advice from experts on this forum tSocketOutput doesn't receive responses.

Re: Configure Netty4 as tcp client

Hi lawimutuma,
We have re-directed your issue to talend ESB experts and then come back to you as soon as we can.
Best regards
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Re: Configure Netty4 as tcp client

Hi @xdshi,
Any luck? I have searched all over. It looks like it's doable but I can't get samples or working instructions of how to do it in Talend. Smiley Sad