[Component] tFileInputDelimited - Problem with datas

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[Component] tFileInputDelimited - Problem with datas

I have some trouble dealing with this component. I have to insert/update lots of data from a CSV file and I want to log the wrong lines into another table.
See an overview of my job components :
tOracleConnection ----> tFileInputDelimited --(main)--> tMap ----> tOracleOutput ----> tOracleCommit
|--(rejected line)--> tMap ----> tOracleOutput ------------|

A few errors are logged (too many columns, Column(s) missing) and other errors are not (null value in not null column, words of 135 characters in 30 size column or mismatched datatype), resulting in Oracle errors.
How can I log all the errors ?
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Re: [Component] tFileInputDelimited - Problem with datas

I think you could use a tSchemaComplianceCheck to retrieve the errors which are not logged by the tFileInputDelimited.