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Component's variables

It is possible to use variables attached to a component, in a java routine or in another component?
For Example:
if mouse pointer is moved to tOracleInput query field, a tooltip appear. It says : "the variable attached to this parameter is : __QUERY__".
there is a way to get value of this variable in another component?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Component's variables

I had the same question and found this post via searchresult. For all the others looking for the same: the answer is "no".
More details I've found at
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Re: Component's variables

As John said in topic 14433, the variables like attached to this parameter is : __QUERY__ exists in the JET code inside the component-- it is not exposed to your job code. Press ctrl+blank space in any text field, you will see a list of global variables, there is global variables called tOracleInput_1.QUERY can be used to get the query string in another component later.
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