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Component definition is not added to the job's classpath in Talend 6.5.1



I've faced an issue when I wanted to check my custom component in the new versions of Talend (6.5.1 & 7.0.1 M2) Actually, what I see that the component's definition part is not added to the classpath of the job thus it cannot be used. It worked well with 6.4.1.


It's possible to reproduce this issue if you create the sample component based on the documentation.

  1. Download and unzip:
  2. Create the a demo component from archetype by following the steps in the documentation:
    mvn org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-archetype-plugin:2.4:generate -DarchetypeGroupId=org.talend.components -DarchetypeArtifactId=input-component-archetypes -DarchetypeVersion=0.19.9 -DarchetypeRepository=
  3. Change directory to the generated source (cd components-file) and build the component
  4. Deploy it to TOS (
  5. Place a tLogRow and the demo FileInput custom component in a job and wire them together

Robot Happy Expected: When checking the generated code for the job you shouldn't see unresolved types for the component definition classes



Error when the code is generated for the job (run the job)

Multiple markers at this line
- org.talend.components.file cannot be resolved to a type
- org.talend.components.file cannot be resolved to a type

- Add both definition and runtime of the custom component to the job's classpath.

The same issue occurs in v7.0.1 M2 as well. Not to mention that the "tLogRow" is not included in TOS_ESB-20171219_1109-V7.0.1M2 bundle, was it intentionally removed?


Note that the custom component just works fine with Talend Studio (DI / ESB) 6.4.1 without any manual configuration on the classpath.


My question: Did something change in the deploy process for 6.5.1 that the documentation does not cover?

I haven't find related questions issues on the community site yet :/



  • Java: 1.8 u144 (64)
  • OS: Windows