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Component: Action on data

Hi ,


Target : To fetch the records from other table on daily basis and update in other table


Component: "Action on data : Insert " : Records are inserting correctly [i have total 527 records]


I have to run a scheduler : In that case the duplicate records are  inserting [ example 527 + 527 records ].


* tried "Insert or update" : Only updated records are coming not the rest of the data [ Tested like i had an empty table it created only 58 updated records ].



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Re: Component: Action on data

Yours message is not clear.

Can explain a little more and share the job design?

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Re: Component: Action on data

I am taking the backup of data from original database to other back up database.


I need to take backup of only one table data and daily basis i need to update the backup table.



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Re: Component: Action on data



This is my JOB


Re: Component: Action on data

What database are you using? If MySQL, you have additional config like field options to decide what field is updatable vs insertable etc.  It all depends if your key is an autoincrement that you are passing along with the data or the table is generating it and other things.  


Not enough info here to tell you what is going on.

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Re: Component: Action on data


* Original DB is MSSQL

* we have a backup server MYSQL DB

* In MYSQL one table we had created : Data we are pulling from MSSQL to MYSQL


* What ever the values are updated in MSSQL table  we need to update to MYSQL table.