Compiling Tos from Source using maven 3.3.9

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Compiling Tos from Source using maven 3.3.9

I'm trying to compile talend Opend Studio DI using maven 3.3.9

 mvn version.PNG

following the instructions here :

and here :

I downloaded all 11 talend compoenents present on Github as zips then i unzipped them under a talend folder i created under C:/ (C:/taland)


I went under studio-se-master-master/ to clean install and i got no problem there


but when i came back under studio-se-master-master/ to do a clean install i got these errors :



I tried moving the other modules inside the studio-se-master-master and changed the pom to point there but i got the same error.

I tried building it with an ide( intellij and eclypse oxygene ) i just imported all modules as maven projects and tried to build them using the same maven commands used in the cmd or simply building the whole project but no chance there as well :

I got the same error when using the  same maven commands as in the cmd, and I got a huge number of errors due to lacking dependencies when just building the project.

I'm not sure what to do next so can anyone help me with that ?

PS : the cmd was running as an admin


Re: Compiling Tos from Source using maven 3.3.9


What is talend open studio DI build version are you compiling?

Best regards


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Re: Compiling Tos from Source using maven 3.3.9



I'm not sure about that but i suppose that it would be the latest one 6.5 ( i'm not sure how to find out ) , I just got the studio-se-master from here and  the rest of preject sources from here .


I'm sorry if it's vague but i'm new to using talend ( I'm pretty sure that's obvious Smiley Happy ) and i would be more than glad to  send you whatever informations that i forgot to mention if you just point them out .

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