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Compile project on a lower jdk (jdk 8 to openjdk 6)

I got an old project which i can't tell on which jdk he's been built.
It's currently running on a debian with openjdk 6, but after having updated it on my own talend (with jdk 8) it's not running anymore on openjdk 6 (Unsupported major.minor 51).
So is it possible to build my project on jdk 6 ? 
I've already tried to install it, set up my path var & changing preferences of Talend under installed jre & compiler.
But I still get the major.minor error.
What should I do ?

Re: Compile project on a lower jdk (jdk 8 to openjdk 6)

This error "Unsupported major.minor 51" indicates that a higher JDK during compile time and lower JDK during runtime.
Can you compile this old project successfully on your end(java 8)?
In addition, Talend don't officially support for Open JDK for now.
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