Compilation error

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Compilation error

Hello Anyone!!!


I have faced the compilation error for when using the tjava component task and tjavaflex task


Error like : Make sure your JVM version is similar to Studio version I don't know how to check what is meant that error? so could you please advice me and also I have cross verified the my Talend version and JDk version


My Talend version is : TOS_DI-20161216_1026-V6.3.1

JDK version is : i'm using for jre7 and jre 8 and also pasted my job for your reference


so the above error is meant by the above mention version comparison I didn't get the clear answer so please advice me.. 




In tjava task and tjava_flex task related I want more example in the form of video  so please give the more links




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Re: Compilation error


The integration of Maven in Talend Studio v6.0.0 requires a JDK to build Jobs. Therefore a JRE is no longer sufficient to build Job completely.


Please make sure that the java settings must point to the root JDK folder, and not the JRE.

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Re: Compilation error

The detail message gives a clue about the problem. Look in your javaflex component for the text "string". If it's intended to be the datatype of a variable, the proper casing is "String".

(In Java code convention, only primitive data types are lower case. Classes start with a capital letter. int, char, boolean, float, etc. vs. String, BigDecimal, Date, Etc.)