Comparing binary values in tMSSQLxxxx Select statement

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Comparing binary values in tMSSQLxxxx Select statement

We are trying to load the delta data from a source SQL server table into a target SQL server table. The source table has a RowVersion (timestamp) column which is a binairy(8) data type.
To select the delta load of data, we first do a Max value of the timestamp column of the target table:
Then we store this value in a global variable with tFlowToIterate so we can use this in the select statement for the selection of records from the source.


Question: How can we do a SELECT-statement to compare binary values in the WHERE clause? It seems that binairy data is displayed in different ways:
- SQLserver: 0x00000000F0793D49
- Query builder in Talend: 00000000F0793D49
- System.out.println value in Talend: [B@42d3bd8b

Thanks on advance,

Regards Glenn.

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