Compare two sources column by column

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Compare two sources column by column

hello guys , i'm new to talend so you may say i'm a newbie , so my problem is that i want to compare tow data sources column by column and check if there is a difference in the structure of the two sources , is it possible in talend

thank you for your help guys , i appreciate any help or suggestions possible i'm stuck here .

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Re: Compare two sources column by column

Could you please elaborate a bit about your scenario?

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Re: Compare two sources column by column

i have two inputs that i need to combine them through tMap and insert data in an Oracle database , so my problem is that the two sources may not come with the same number of columns each time (one missed column maybe) , though they are supposed to be the same. is there a way to check automatically for the differences between the two sources. 

thank you for your help.

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Re: Compare two sources column by column

Hi @TalendNew ,

If your inputs are files then talend has a component called tfilecompare which can be used to compare 2 different files or same files in your case.

If your inputs arent files and you are pulling 2 tables instead from a database then you have sql builder option wherein you can check the structure of the tables and the columns/fields inside them.

Pls get back to the community, if necessary.




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