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Compare local to remote file

I connect via FTP and want to process all files that are in a specific folder. All files will have distinctive names -> no duplicates. After the processing is done, I'd like to delete the remote files.
To get this done, I'd like to compare the MD5 of a local XML-file to the MD5 of a remote XML-file that I access via FTP. If equal, I'd like to delete the remote file. This is to make sure that no remote file gets deleted that hasn't been copied and processed.
Job layout:
tFTPConnection -OnSubJobOK-> tFTPFileList -Iterate-> tFTPFileProperties -Iterate-> tFTPGet -OnSubJobOK-> Process Files -OnSubJobOK-> tFileList (local storage) -Iterate-> tFileCopy (move to other local folder)
My idea was to get the remote files' MD5 from the tFTPFileProperties, put them into a HashOutput, and later compare them to the local files MD5.
But I am stuck because I can't figure out how to make the comparison.
Any help is appreciated! Thank you!
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Re: Compare local to remote file

try tFileCompare