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Compare data from two excel sheets to show the changes

Compare two excel files, one will be an initial file with "uncleansed data" the second file will have "cleansed data". I need to compare these two files but I need the output to do any of the following if possible:
Option 1
When the file compare has run if possible; where the record per customer has not changed the in that particular cell under the column where the change has not taken place to leave the cell blank,
where the record has changed that cell must be populated.
Option 2
Alternative to the first option it must show the entire line per customer where a cell has changed but it must somehow uniquely identify the changes.
I am not sure if any of these are possible please advise. Thanks
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Re: Compare data from two excel sheets to show the changes

try following
Option - 1
- Use tMap and have two inputs from two excel files
- In output compare a1 of first input to a1 of second input (a1 is first cell)
--- eg. string can be compared like row1_a1.equals(row2_a1)
--- use if clause, in case if the match is true replace it by null else actual value
Second option is a part of first part implementation.
Let us know if you face any issue..
Pl refer to tMap documentation for few scenarios