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Commit not happening in sub jobs

I have multiple sub jobs and in one of them there is an output table A which acts as an input table for the next subjob "onsubjobok".
Now when this table A is being read from the latter sub job 0 rows are being fetched(they were inserted by the former subjob)
I have enabled autocommit for the toracleconnection but still it seems the commit is not happening.
Also have tried enabling option of "using existing db connection" for every table that i use in subjobs but that results in sql exception for connection being closed.
Can anyone please tell how can this commit issue for subjobs be resolved?

Re: Commit not happening in sub jobs

Could you please give us the screenshot of your job design? It will be helpful for us understanding your requirement and address your problem.
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Re: Commit not happening in sub jobs

The connection will only be closed by tOracleClose, tOracleCommit, tOracleRollback.
If a input/output component uses this connection and complains a already closed connection, check if you use one of these components above. For commit/rollback components the close operation is the default but can switched off.