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Column(s) missing error

Hi Guys,
I am parsing a large csv file of 1GB data.It has some 10 columns seperated by ";" in it. Records are delimited by newline.I am only picking 3 of those columns from the input csv & the others gets rejected automatically in tmap.Now i am getting this unusual error or "Column(s) Missing".PFA the screenshot.But my job gets completed & i get the desired output.I want to know why is this error coming.Please help,i am not able to resolve this!!!
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Re: Column(s) missing error

I would guess that you've checked the advanced option "Check columns against schema" (or something like that; I'm not on a PC with the studio installed at the moment Smiley Happy) and unchecked the "Die on error" option. Then there are lines in your input file that do not have all 10 columns. You can connect a reject flow from your tFileInputDelimited to e.g. tLogRow to see what they do contain.