Code generation - python and other text

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Code generation - python and other text



I have existing ETL flows done with Python and SSIS. I am looking into a better modeling to satisfy differnt use cases but be able to integrate to the existing environments.


I am wondering if i can use talend and generate source code (python and BIML/SSIS packages ). 

I understand that Talend used JET, but i couldnt find example in code generation other than to java. 




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Re: Code generation - python and other text

Talend is a Java tool. It doesn't give you an option of writing to other languages. 

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Re: Code generation - python and other text


The other think i am considering is exporting the model in xml, and write a code generation. 

Is this something doable ? or  am in in the wrong line of thought Smiley Happy

thanks again 

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Re: Code generation - python and other text

Talend stores everything in XML. So you can indeed use this to understand what is happening with the jobs. However, if you want to write any bespoke code for Talend (one of its many advantages) you will have to do it in Java or an already supported  third party language. To build in Talend and then try to convert the XML to Python would seem a bit like converting a car to work on train tracks because you can't find the right size tyres. You may as well use Java if you are going to use Talend, otherwise find a tool that makes use of the language you want to use.

I should point out that Talend can call/start applications written in numerous languages, but the core of Talend will always be Java.


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