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Cloudera CDH5.10 (YARN mode)



tHiveConnection Component permits to connect up to version 5.7 of Cloudera.

How to upgrade it let it able to connect to Cloudera 5.10 (YARN mode)?




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Re: Cloudera CDH5.10 (YARN mode)



You need to upgrade the talend version or apply new patches in order to connect to your new hadoop yarn version.




Re: Cloudera CDH5.10 (YARN mode)


as @fuzzyedy saild  - Talend version 6.4 supports Cloudera 5.10. 

However, if you do not want to upgrade Talend you can create a custom hadoop distribution in Talend. That will be a bit more complicated, you will need to download and provide all relevant jars and configure the distribution manually. If it is only Hive, it should be enough to create a new DB connection with the right JDBC jar. i'm adding a picture.

So, this is possible.image.png

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Re: Cloudera CDH5.10 (YARN mode)

Hi @ohabushi,


thanks for your response.


In case we decided to upgrade to 6.4, should it only a Talend Studio upgrade or would it impact the TAC/JOB Servers too?

In case of we'd like to only configure a new DB Connection, which JAR should I download for this purpose?


Thanks in advance, regards,