Cloning a set of jobs

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Cloning a set of jobs

Is there anything in Talend (or outside of it) to help with cloning a set of jobs, e.g. if I have jobA which calls jobB which calls jobC, I want to clone them so I have jobA_1 calling jobB_1 which calls jobC_1.

If I duplicate the jobs in Talend, I need to go into jobA_1 and edit the tJob stage to point to jobB_1 instead of jobB.

I'm thinking of writing an export parser/rewriter so that I can export jobA, jobB, and jobC, run it through the duplicator to add _1 to all references to jobs in the export, and import the new set of jobs. Has anyone already done anything like this, and are there any pitfalls to it as a plan?

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Re: Cloning a set of jobs

You will find this very difficult and pretty dangerous to implement via trial and error, but it is not impossible. You will need to study the backend xml files and see how the uids link to names and then link to the project file. FYI that is a massive simplification of what goes on. DO NOT try this with a project you want to keep. 

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Re: Cloning a set of jobs

Yes, I was coming to that conclusion myself. I will stick to cloning and re-pointing manually, but I have a script that scans an export looking for a job name pattern so I can check whether I have missed any.

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