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ClassNotFound Exception trying to guess schema



I'm running Talend Open Studio 6.4.1 and have an issue when I click the Guess schema button on a MSSQLInput component. The job can connect to the database fine when it runs but when I try to guess the schema of a query lookup I get an error java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver According to the modules view the jtds module is installed. 


I've seen a few similar posts explaining that I should copy the jtds library into the lib folder however this folder is cleaned out when I relaunch open studio. I can also see from the class path that the jtds library is not being included when the guess schema button is pressed. 


Can you advise me how to address this?



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Re: ClassNotFound Exception trying to guess schema


Your DB connection is configured to use "JTDS"? What's jtds module and MSSQL DB version you are using?

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