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Checking for Null and Blank space

Team, I have the below scenario, I have 3 columns from source for which I need to do null & blank space check, if its satisfied I need to reject those records. I’m doing the same in tmap component by using the option “Capture Output Rejects” Column 1 : EMP_ID, interger Column 2 : JOIN_DATE, Date(dd-MMM-yy) Column 3 : EMP_NAME, string Can you please let me know the condition to put in the expression filter. Because checking for null & blank space differs between datatypes string, integer and date.
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Re: Checking for Null and Blank space

Checking for null is the same operation across all non-primitive data types: rowX.colX == null. If the integer column in your schema has Nullable checked, it will be of type Integer and can be null checked. If nullable is not checked, any null values from the input will be zero.

A blank space check would only apply to a string. You can check this with rowX.colX.isEmpty()
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Re: Checking for Null and Blank space