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Checkbox for Null handling and Auto conversion instead of writing functions

Hi Team,


I have two ideas for a scenario we were passing through daily development process.


1. Why dont we add a Relational.ISNULL() function as a checkbox like Nullable checkbox in schema level instead of selecting searching selecting from the Expression builder functions, most of the cases we are handling with 100 of columns and for each one we need to use do the null handling...its kind of time taking process.


2. Why Talend is not doing auto conversion of type like string to integer like Datastage. we have options to write functions in project properties and to enable Auto conversion properties in tMap and all. but still we need to write that and use it, why dont we automate this conversion ?


the above two are my requests for a team, if we can do this we can save some time and errors and executions.Please correct me if am wrong.